Saturday, 4 January 2014

All about the Hughes LCD Driver

So, this morning's little bit of light reading is my rewriting/explanation of the Datasheet of the Hughes 0488 LCD Chip.

Hopefully it's a bit more readable than the Datasheet itself, which isn't the clearest document I've ever read, and has at least one significant error in it, I think :)

I have also revised the tms1100.def file as it had some errors in it - when I first put it up it hadn't actually been generated / compiled.

The Hughes Document is at

NB: I have just noticed that on Dan Boris's document and the Hughes data sheet the pins are the same but in the reverse order - so what is marked as "Row 1" (pin 39 on the Datasheet) is R15 on Dan's (the bottom one). I will need to give this some consideration.

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