Thursday, 16 January 2014

Bomber , part the first.

First bit of working bomber code, showing the 'buildings' (okay single square pixels) that  you have to flatten with your bomber and bomb (both single square pixels).

Not much for the Graphics Artists here.

Showed up one bug though. The LCD rendering/latency code is optimised for column data writes (e.g. writing a line horizontally) - this renders lines vertically (so it can keep the building heights as a table - see bank 1, the numbers correspond to the building heights), but of course that doesn't work properly.

I don't want to do it a la MESS where it tracks each pixel individually, so I'll have to have a row based renderer and a column based renderer and switch between the two depending on the data in the latch. Which will be basically the same thing, might blink at switch over.

It's not a cycles issue for a PC or a Mac, but I still hope to get an Arduino version working, and that might be short of CPU cycles. No big problem really :)

Fix for tomorrow I think.

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