Saturday, 18 January 2014

Bomber, part the third

Bomber is now working, pretty much. The game core bit is playable, it has sound effects (well, in as much as a Microvision can manage them), the only bits left to do are the start a new level bit, and the end of game score display bit.

It does require a new version of the emulator (to fix the issue with row/column based rendering on the LCD, or to be precise my shortcut implementation of it !) so I'll probably release the updated executables, source and so on later this week. The assembler has been tweaked a bit as well.

The screen grabs look much the same, so here's a picture of an Avro Lancaster. If you're interested in this plane, Leo McKinstry's book is an excellent history of its design, production and use (he wrote similar books about the Spitfire and Hurricane)

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