Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Final Code Release

Must be a boring film....
So, another Retrochallenge month comes to an end.

I've updated everything and rebuilt everything. The emulator has changed slightly, not bug fixes but changes to work with the Microvision / Arduino in the source, mainly to do with types (I forgot Arduino ints are 16 bits, longs 32 etc.). The main problem was that the rotary control only worked about 2/3 off the screen (due to wrap-around in the integer).

One mistake was that I put the rotary control checking stuff in the SDL hardware driver, so that came out and went where it belonged in the shared code.

Microvision.ino is a new upload. This is the Arduino file and is the extra bit you need besides the original source. Arduino doesn't really like complex project structures (not that this is complex) so you have to copy the header files from the source in and include the two shared files as a direct address link (e.g. the full path). It doesn't seem to work otherwise.

The last upload is a big one, 66Mb in size, it is the complete project tree off my machine, which contains everything.

I really must learn to use github and so on for the next project.

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