Saturday, 25 January 2014

Hardware Version, progress report #2

Dracula has risen from the grave
More progress this morning. As you can see from the photo on the right, the Emulator now seems to be working okay under the Arduino. The beeper and keyboard don't work yet. I will try and getter picture later on, but it does display "7 ST" which is the opening screen of Block Buster.

If I'm going to test it with Block Buster I'm going to have to add the potentiometer to the circuit, I think I have a few in the spares box somewhere.

It took longer than I though, because when I actually came to look at the LCD4884 library it is pretty useless except for drawing text (actually it doesn't do anything else at all !), so I had to grab the driver data sheet and poke the controller directly. This ended up being beneficial as the "dirty screen code" ended up being optimised for the way the controller worked, not the way the library worked.

Strange fact of the day : My watch was an hour fast for most of yesterday and I didn't notice......

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