Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Minor updates

I've updated three things on the right :

tms1100.def has been updated because of a minor bug

tmsasm.lua has been updated to add in "lcall"  and "lbr" pseudo operations that do a long call and a long branch (on a TMS1100 this takes two instructions, or three if you are changing chapter (don't ask))

test.asm has been replaced completely with the program that draws the diagonal line, responds to the keyboard and tests the beeper, it also has the beginnings of some utility functions.

Interesting comment from Sean Riddle about TMS1100 dumps. Let's hope there are some Microvision ones out there - if so then then after releasing the first version, I will get them working, if not on with the game coding, which will start with extending the utility routines.

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