Thursday, 2 January 2014

Some documents 'n' stuff

I've uploaded some documents and some things I did yesterday, see the link box on the right.

These are:

  • The Datasheet for the Hughes 0488 LCD Driver. This isn't the clearest document on the planet, but there is sufficient information there to figure out how it works. I will rewrite it more clearly in a day or two, as it is stupendously unclear how it works. It's actually quite simple but it appears to have been written when drunk.
  • The TMS1x00 Databook which covers TMS1100 in some detail.
  • Circuits from the Pinball Cartridge, and the main bit of the Cartridge, which were done by Dan Boris. Other cartridges are similar except for the rotary circuit (the LM741), (though I think this circuit is probably wrong because I can't see how the rotary control signal gets into the CPU - I'll probably use keys).
  • A Definition File and Preprocessor script (in lua) - these are used to generate C code for the emulator, it's like a specialist macro processor.
  • An Assembler for the TMS1100 and a simple test file, also in Lua. It's a very basic assembler, but then it's a very basic processor.

The next thing is to clarify the Hughes document, and to get the emulator working. This will be done in 'C' not Lua, not because Lua isn't fast enough, but because I want to port it to the Arduino which uses C.

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  1. Yep, my schematic for the Pinball cartridge was incorrect. I have corrected it and put a new copy on my web site