Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Space Invaders ... completed.

The game is basically finished, coming in at exactly 1,000 bytes, slightly less than half the ROM space of the TMS1100.......

I'll update all the code and stuff after I've tested it a bit more, but it seems to basically work fine.


  1. Plays great! Thanks for writing it. Probably would have helped keep the system alive a little longer, if only you'd written it 35 years ago!
    IMO, bullets should cancel each other out. That's an annoying part of the real game. That and the super-fast last enemy.
    Once the invaders have moved down a row there's room for the mystery ship....

  2. Thanks :).

    Actually the main reason I left it out was because I thought I'd run out of space, but the cartridge is only about half full. Might retrofit it - you could put it in at the top anyway. One thing I noted from Bowling is that (as I guessed) you can write to the same column or row more than once in the same frame. Might implement the speed update as well (it can for a slow little processor shift those bits quickly)

    I don't know why firms still haven't learnt the "killer game" message. It was more difficult in the 1980s, poorer tools and so on, but the Wii U still has the same problem. I bought a SNES years and years ago largely because I saw Super Mario World and thought - I want to play that game.

    I think the Microvision could just about do a Pacman variant - probably not classic Pacman but one like the Odyssey 2s game, maybe, with the maze on the overlay. Side scroller like Scramble is doable as well, though the LCD may not be up to the scrolling like the early GameBoys.