Friday, 24 January 2014

Hardware Prototype

Microvision 2014
I now have a working hardware prototype. It is an Arduino Duemanolive (or however you spell it....), a Piezo Beeper, a 100R resistor for the Beeper, the LCD48x84 Shield and one of those cheap 3x4 keypads.

The shield plugs on the top, the beeper is connected to Pin 8, and the keyboard is connected as follows:

Arduino 13 -> Keyboard 3 (C0)
Arduino 12 -> Keyboard 1 (C1)
Arduino 11 -> Keyboard 5 (C2)
Arduino A5 -> Keyboard 2 (R0)
Arduino A4 -> Keyboard 7 (R1)
Arduino A3 -> Keyboard 6 (R2)
Arduino A2 -> Keyboard 4 (R3)

Leaving A1 free if I ever decide to implement the rotary control (which would just be a pot on there !). I make use of three libraries, Beep (included as standard) LCD4884 (v1.2) and Keypad

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