Friday, 24 January 2014

Release 11

A new release of the Emulator, for Windows and OSX and Linux probably. Source is in the OSX bundle.

What's new :-

  • Support for Pinball Game
  • Support for Overlays (included for Pinball)
  • Paddle controllable by Mouse
  • Game main display enlarged

For some reason the paddle control by mouse does not work under Windows. I don't know if this is SDL, VirtualBox (I build under XP/VirtualBox) or me - it seems to work perfectly under OSX and the code is very simple, a call to SDL to tell it to pass events on and a bit of code to change the rotary control in response to those events.

I will have a look later on.

Overlays have to be in .bmp format (same name as cartridge) unfortunately as it's the only format that SDL will load without support libraries.

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